The Zikiri race varies greatly. They vary in size from a smaller, agile feline to powerful warriors. Their social structure consists of prides and the great kingdom of Intii in Blackwood is ruled by Kazdan the Wise. The Zikiri people want to respect nature and keep their lands safe from intrusion at all costs.

The Zikiri are natural hunters, prideful, and don’t take kindly to insults. The Zikiri shamans help guide the day to day life of the people and they believe that since cats have reached every corner of our world in one shape or another, that the Zikiri people can never truly be surprised in their homeland. Legend has it that one cat will pass the message onto another until it reaches the ears of the shaman. Sisters Zera and Monteegra are the high shamans of the order.

The Zikiri people believe their homeland is sacred as it provides all they need. They guard this treasure with their lives and consider Blackwood their territory. The few other species that live in Blackwood, especially the Dryads, are well respected and have formed a symbiotic relationship with the Zikiri.



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