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  • Skrij Depths

    The chasm created during [[The Cataclysm]] stretching from the [[Windless Peaks]] to the Western Sea. The Gnomish city of [[Walraven]] spans this chasm and has reunited the western reaches.

  • Walraven

    Walraven is a town that spans the great chasm known as the [[Skrij Depths | Skrij Depths]]. The city was built after [[The Cataclysm | The Cataclysm]] opened the land directly beneath the Gnomish homeland. The Gnomes were split and separated from each …

  • Madhabrand

    Madhabrand is the town that our heroes call home. Madhabrand is a large town that has grown up just south of the great woods in the north-east quarter of [[Kanethar | Kanethar]]. The town does a brisk trade with the Zikiri and Dryads of the northern …

  • Blackwood

    The Zikiri named the great forest in the extreme north east of Kanethar the "Blackwood" because, when the canopy is in full foliage, there is so little light falling to the forest floor in some places that it remains black as night, even at midday. The …