Tag: Zikiri


  • Movers and Shakers

    There are 5 major players in the eastern part of Kanethar: 1) The [[Gnomes]] - The Gnomish kingdom of [[GrĂ©gollis]] spans from about 200 miles west of [[Walraven | Walraven]], 200 milles south of the [[Skrij Depths | Skrij Depths]], east to the …

  • Iron Claw Pride

    The Iron Claw Pride is a house of Zikiri merchant families who supply furs, lumber, and other supplies from the great woods north of [[Madhabrand]].

  • Zikiri

    The Zikiri race varies greatly. They vary in size from a smaller, agile feline to powerful warriors. Their social structure consists of prides and the great kingdom of Intii in Blackwood is ruled by Kazdan the Wise. The Zikiri people want to respect …

  • Garrick Ultraeus

    Human king and leader of the undead host that laid siege to the [[Blackwood | Blackwood]] and the [[Zikiri | Zikiri]] pride lands in the years prior to the [[The Cataclysm | Cataclysm]]. Died at the [[Battle of the Blazing Plain | Battle of the Blazing …