Tag: Wood Elf


  • Movers and Shakers

    There are 5 major players in the eastern part of Kanethar: 1) The [[Gnomes]] - The Gnomish kingdom of [[GrĂ©gollis]] spans from about 200 miles west of [[Walraven | Walraven]], 200 milles south of the [[Skrij Depths | Skrij Depths]], east to the …

  • Siena Mott

    Siena Mott is a criminal wanted in the murder of Eirik Breno and a number of other murders of traveling merchants from Necropolis.

  • Lady Sanela

    Lady Sanela is a [[Wood Elves | Wood Elf]] ruler of the city of [[Fiadh]], deep in the heart of [[Blackwood | Blackwood]], north of [[Madhabrand | Madhabrand]]. Lady Sanela was previously being manipulated by her advisor, the Sage [[Tarcisio (Deceased …

  • Fiadh-Orah Keep

    This is the ruling seat of the northern [[Wood Elves | Wood Elf]] realm, currently held by [[Lady Sanela | Lady Sanela]]. It sits high in the trees of the [[Blackwood | Blackwood]] on the 16th tier of the city of [[Fiadh | Fiadh]]. A notable feature …