Tag: Madhabrand


  • Madhabrand

    Madhabrand is the town that our heroes call home. Madhabrand is a large town that has grown up just south of the great woods in the north-east quarter of [[Kanethar | Kanethar]]. The town does a brisk trade with the Zikiri and Dryads of the northern …

  • Iron Claw Pride

    The Iron Claw Pride is a house of Zikiri merchant families who supply furs, lumber, and other supplies from the great woods north of [[Madhabrand]].

  • Blessed Arbors

    Blessed Arbors is the name of a Dryad spiritual center and arboretum that borders the [[Madhabrand Forum]]. Bordered by high hedge walls and tended zealously by its Dryad keepers, Blessed Arbors is a peaceful refuge for those who wish to escape the hustle …

  • Madhabrand Forum

    The Forum is the central marketplace for traders from all over Kanethar to come together and market their wares. Market days are weekly, and representatives of every great merchant house within 500 miles come to Madhabrand to ply their trades.