Necropolis is the last “human” city anywhere in Kanethar. Humans, however, are a distinct minority in the “City of the Dead.” The Necromantic arts are still well practiced here, and as such the great majority of the inhabitants of Necropolis are the walking dead. For this reason, very few other races travel to the city, and the bulk of trade comes from the merchants of Necropolis and their “afflicted servants” traveling far and wide to trade the precious stones and gold their undead servants tirelessly mine from the Windless Peaks for treasures of every race and culture in Kanethar.

The ruling class of Necropolis is split between two main factions. The main faction is the Necromancer’s Guild, an organization dedicated to the use of Necromancy as technology. The Guild’s Council of Masters handles the mundane needs of the citizens of Necropolis. The other faction is the Divine Order of Light and Darkness, an order dedicated to the duality Alanna-Birgitta. Their high priests form a body that “advises” the Necromancer’s Guild, but although they have no seat on the Council, they have their hooks deep in the Council’s members. Some consider the Order to hold the lion’s share of power in the city.

Economy and Industry
The use of mindless undead for much of the “mundane” labor of the region has brought much prosperity to the small human population (fewer than 5000 at the last census) who still live in the city. However, to soothe gentle sensibilities among the public, the undead minions are popularly referred to as “The Afflicted.” The city’s sentient inhabitants enjoy a life of luxury, with personal servants at their beck and call at all hours of the day and night. “Afflicted” farmers wrapped head to toe in rags tend the farms around Necropolis, and even the beasts of burden have been raised so they can pull plows in perpetuity. “Afflicted” miners dig deep within the mountains of the Windless Peaks furthest from the broken remains of Thunderheim, delving for gemstones and precious metals.

The Minders
A sub-class of Necromancers within the city are the ones who manage the day to day activities of the undead in and around the city. These “Minders” are given rudimentary training in Necromancy at a young age, and when they turn 16, they are given a golden amulet which encases a glowing red crystal phial containing a few drops of what the Guild calls “life’s essence.” This gives the Minders complete control of the “afflicted” in their charge. According to Guild Law, if a Minder drives his charges to harm another living being, human or animal, or if they harm a living being due to the negligence of their Minder, this is a serious offense, punishable by heavy fines, imprisonment, or execution depending on the severity of the crime committed.


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