Madhabrand is the town that our heroes call home.

Madhabrand is a large town that has grown up just south of the great woods in the north-east quarter of Kanethar. The town does a brisk trade with the Zikiri and Dryads of the northern woods and the Gnomes of Walraven to the south. They occasionally even see Human gem merchants all the way from Necropolis. The town is well-connected to several major roads and the River Everleigh, which winds down from deep within the Blackwood, and by whose gentle waters Zikiri traders bring barges down with goods for market.

Duke Kristof Ratna is the name of the regional governor. Ratna is Dwarf whose family migrated to the Northeast six generations ago. He is a fair lord, as lords go. Taxes are fair, the people are well fed, and his people are pretty happy with him. The bulk of Madhabrand has sprung up outside the walls of Duke Kristof’s Motte and Bailey style fortress, which once served as the entire original settlement when it was built around 150 years ago by his great-great-great-great grandfather, Maksim Ratna.

Madhabrand is a colorful community, heavy in Zikiri and Gnomish culture, but with a level of diversity that is uncharacteristic of this area of the world.

Movers and Shakers in Madhabrand

  • Duke Kristof Ratna – Governor of Madhabrand
  • Iron Claw Pride – Zakiri merchant house which promotes Zakiri interests, often to the exclusion of other races.
  • Cleophas and Rozhan – Human merchants of gems and rare metals from Necropolis whose wealth and prestige have grown of late as they cater to wealthier clientele.
  • House of the Crystal Tower – Gnome merchant guild seeking to corner the local magic trade. Non-Gnome alchemists and magic traders find it difficult to do business in the city due to the machinations of the Crystal Tower.

Things to see in Madhabrand

  • Blessed Arbors – Dryad spiritual center and arboretum. Tended by Dendrius the Deep Root, an ancient oaken Dryad who has lived in the area now known as Madhabrand since before the founding of the city.
  • Iriadu’s Blacksmith Shop – Quality arms, armor and equipment favored by the city watch. Ask Iriadu how he lost his eye….
  • Flying Boar Tavern – Owned by Seamus Lienhard, a stout and jovial Dwarf whose ales are only topped by his wife, Ingrid’s, cooking.
  • Red Bear Inn – Considered the best inn in Madhabrand, and owned by Seamus’ sister, Fiona Lienhard. Fiona’s a perfectionist who runs a tight ship, so if your coin is good, you can always find a clean room and a excellent meal at the Red Bear.
  • Hangman’s Hill – The hanging tree atop Hangman’s Hill was once the proud host of many criminals and murderers from Madhabrand and the surrounding villages. It is now considered by many to be haunted. Don’t go there on a full moon! …at least that’s the rumor…
  • Stone’s Throw Gardens – A beautiful showcase of lifelike granite sculptures and landscaping on the outskirts of the merchant district. New exhibits arrive regularly, although the identity of the artist is still a mystery. Come out after dark and watch the night lilies bloom!
  • Smee’s Alchemical Reagents – An alchemist’s shop in the heart of the merchant district. His prices are so low, some think he’s INSANE! (Or that might be the chicken on his head…)
  • Temple of Vaesna – For the poor traveler down on his luck, look no further than this temple of the goddess of chance! Enjoy the free hospitality of the Clerics of Vaesna, then appease the goddess while improving your odds in the gambling hall!
  • Sons of Espen Home for Wayward Children – This orphanage cares for the destitute youth of Madhabrand who cannot find a home or parents to raise them. Now accepting donations!
  • Lovrene’s House of Carnal Pleasures – Lady Lovrene and her “lords and ladies of the night” can cater to every physical desire one can imagine. If your purse weighs too heavily on your belt, let Lovrene lighten the load…you’ll be glad you did!


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