Tag: Human


  • Movers and Shakers

    There are 5 major players in the eastern part of Kanethar: 1) The [[Gnomes]] - The Gnomish kingdom of [[GrĂ©gollis]] spans from about 200 miles west of [[Walraven | Walraven]], 200 milles south of the [[Skrij Depths | Skrij Depths]], east to the …

  • Garrick Ultraeus

    Human king and leader of the undead host that laid siege to the [[Blackwood | Blackwood]] and the [[Zikiri | Zikiri]] pride lands in the years prior to the [[The Cataclysm | Cataclysm]]. Died at the [[Battle of the Blazing Plain | Battle of the Blazing …

  • Afflicted

    The "Afflicted" are the undead slaves of the remains of the Human race. They are kept in check by [[Minders]], rudimentarily trained necromancers who bear glowing red medallions that act as magical leashes.