The Scourge of Kanethar

Setting Rules

What Setting Rules are available in our campaign?

Critical Failures – Double-1’s cannot be rerolled, and may result in additional negative effects when appropriate to the situation.

Joker’s Wild – When a joker is dealt, all players get a benny!

High Adventure – Players may spend a benny to receive a one-time use of a combat edge. The PC must have all required pre-requisites for this edge.

Spell Versatility – Arcane characters may spend a benny to use a power with the proper trapping to emulate another power. For example, a PC with the “Burst” power using an icy trapping can use that to emulate the “Stun” power by freezing all targets within a MBT centered within the cone of the burst template. The PC must meet all rank requirements for the power being emulated. Use of this setting rule is subject to GM discretion.


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