The Scourge of Kanethar

Campaign Framework and Social Contract

Game Framework (i.e. – What are we playing?)
• Heroic, gritty fantasy with humorous elements
○ Tolkein-esque environment
• Sandbox environment w/overarching story
• Approximately 1 year of weekly sessions, with breaks around major holidays
• Sessions will be weekly on Friday from 7-10:30 PM (but may run late based on player availability and need for scenario closure)

Setting Books allowed for character creation
• Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Rules
• Fantasy Companion
• Race creation rules from SW Core book are allowed (Maximum 7 points of advantages/5 points of disadvantages)
• Individual edges from other books may be allowed but are HIGHLY discouraged unless there is no appropriate parallel in either the SW Core or FC books.

Attendance/new players
• If a player is absent, their PC will be run by another player in their absence
○ Absent players’ PCs will not be killed off (but MAY be injured or have something unfortunate but humorous happen to them)
• If a player misses more than 50% of sessions within the same calendar month, they will be encouraged to drop the game. Extenuating circumstances will, of course, be considered.
• No new players will be added to the party unless the total number of regular players drops to 3 or less.

• GM promises to remain open to private criticism outside of game
• In return, players MUST keep GM informed of any issues. (The GM may be godlike in game, but IRL he is a TERRIBLE mind reader.)
• In the case of an in-game rules dispute, the GM’s ruling stands, no questions asked. Rules debates will be handled outside of game.
• GM Fiat may be used to resolve any conflicts that threaten group cohesion or story progression.
• Players will follow the “golden rule” to handle interpersonal conflicts.
• NO MURDER HOBOS! Think before you kill!
• Inter-party PvP is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will result in dismissal from the game.
• Remind yourself: It’s only a game. Let’s have some fun!

Off-limits story concepts
• Crimes against children
• Explicit Sexual violence/rape
○ This refers to “on screen” depictions. If it is story appropriate To the story, then the act should be “off screen” and described using vague terminology. Gory detail of sexual violence is not permitted.

What specific game elements will keep the players engaged?
• Small parties (ca. 4 players…whoops! Failed that one!)
• Colorful, recurring NPCs with emotional ties to the PCs
• Party splits/solo missions should be used sparingly with short duration and handled away from the table when possible to preserve player vs PC knowledge

Character advancement
• PCs will receive 1-2 xp per session, with bonus XP for completing milestones
• On average, PCs will receive an advance every 2-3 game sessions
• All PCs level together, even if their player is absent

Setting rules
• Critical Failures – Double-1’s cannot be rerolled, and may result in additional negative effects when appropriate to the situation.
• Joker’s Wild – When a joker is dealt, all players get a benny!
• High Adventure – Players may spend a benny to receive a one-time use of a combat edge. The PC must have all required pre-requisites for this edge.
• Spell Versatility – Arcane characters may spend a benny to use a power with the proper trapping to emulate another power. For example, a PC with the “Burst” power using an icy trapping can use that to emulate the “Stun” power by freezing all targets within a MBT centered within the cone of the burst template. The PC must meet all rank requirements for the power being emulated. Use of this setting rule is subject to GM discretion.

Arcane Backgrounds
• No Psionics. Otherwise, all other arcane backgrounds are allowed.
• Spell trappings are MANDATORY.
○ For example if you take the “Bolt” power, you can take it as an “Ice Bolt” or “Fire Bolt” or “Divine Light Bolt,” etc.
○ Additional trappings for the same power must be purchased as a separate power using the “New Power” edge
• Weird Science devices are allowable with magical Clockwork trappings.
• Gods directly influence the world. Divine magic is available for Clerics/Paladins.
○ Players may create the gods they will serve using the Deific Templates in the Fantasy Companion (page 21)

Player-requested game elements:
• Colorful, recurring NPCs with emotional ties to the PCs
• Players and PCs should have deep knowledge of the game world.
○ We will use collaborative world building using the “Dawn of Worlds” tool so PCs have a voice in the minute details of the world.
• Unknown/“cursed” areas commonly deemed off-limits or otherwise mysterious and inaccessible
○ Examples: “The Wall” from Game of Thrones, Mordor, Ethereal Planes, Hell
• Nick requested clearly delineated good and evil forces in the world and light intrigue
• Karen and Matt requested social conflicts and situations with moral ambiguity
• Racial/Societal conflict with situational use of the “Outsider” hindrance
• Rachel requested wilderness adventures so we don’t get stuck in cities or dungeons all the time


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